because nobody likes other people's kids.

my new site.

i’ve recently switched my site over from to a self-hosted version. i’ve had comments about the ads, so please let me explain myself.

when you visited my old site, there were no ads, as long as you were logged in to your own wordpress account. that’s why i didn’t realise for the longest time that some of my visitors were seeing the adverts. i don’t know how much wordpress made off of me (and i’m sure it wasn’t much) but wouldn’t you rather i pocket the money instead?

i’m also figuring out how to block all kid-related ads on the adsense network. that said, if a kids apparel ad comes up, or something similar, please let me know and i’ll block the url directly.

i don’t want to offend any of my dear readers.

thanks for continuing to check back for more posts!

use your inside voice.

why is it that parents (especially the new ones) always talk about 50 decibels louder than is appropriate for the environment. it borders on some kind of manic display to convince everyone around that your baby is the cutest and that this is the best decision you’ve ever made in your life and oh, you’re just oh

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at the spa.

i was at the spa this afternoon. maxing. and then it started. someone upstairs brought their toddler in. it was running around and screaming. at the spa. serious faux pas.

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workplace + childfree = i’ma go apeshit soon. 5.

ok, since i read this, i’m officially finished complaining about any baby incidents at work. until something else happens. but thank god no one at work brings their kid in every single day. like this italian mep, licia ronzulli. she started taking her baby to work at 6 months – and has continued ever since!

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guest post

i received this email today from katie. and while i’d love to have guest  bloggers on kids is crap, i’d really love it if spammers and link builders would at least put in a little more of an effort. My name is Katie, full time mom and part time blogger! I came across your site

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‘your blog should be compulsive reading for to be mums’

‘Thank YOU for posting such great stuff!’

‘You go bootsy! Your tweets make me smile.’

‘LOVE your blog!! (at least, the couple minutes I’ve spent perusing, so far!!)’

‘i completely LAUGHED at your post, it totally made my day because standing on the other side of the fence, i envy you.’

‘So much awesomeness here that I can barely stand it. And, yes, I am typically conservative with my ‘likes.’ Not today. You are doing important work here. Keep it up.’

‘Ahhh… nice to see that you’re back…’

‘This is brilliant!’

‘OMG! Reading your posts fills me with regret. Is it too late for a late term abortion? My son is 13?